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In speaking with small business owners, we have repeatedly heard the same concern: simply, there are not enough hours in the day. Putting in the hours needed to complete a day`s work, plus necessary administrative time, advertising and marketing tasks, blogging, and social media, requires a lot more than 40 hours a week.

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On-going business or social media marketing consulting
Assessment of current website and all related social media accounts
Recommendations for a new website, including platform, layout, features and overall design
Evaluation of current branding and e-marketing strategies
Competitive analysis

HTC works with online advertising companies to provide you with relevant and useful advertising. Some of the online ads you are served may be based on the content of the web page you're visiting; some others may be based on registration information you provide; and other ads may be customized based on predictions about your interests generated from your visits to other Web sites.

We will find you customers and direct them to your website or landing page. We know what we are doing.